The average person thinks about 12,000 thoughts per day. Deep thinkers have as many as 50,000 thoughts per day. If you subtract 8 hours for sleeping, that comes to nearly a thought per second! That's a lot of noise!

Do you know…

Which thoughts could support your success?
Which thoughts might sabotage your efforts?

Your 6 Advisors Assessment Report will go below the surface of behavior and personality and measure with great accuracy the thought processes that are driving your decisions and actions. With this increased level of awareness you will be ready for the next stage in your journey – mastering your thought processes.

In short, 6 Advisors is designed to help YOU:

Measure your current thought processes.

Understand the relationship between YOU and your thoughts and recognize and become aware of how your thought processes have been running your life.

Discover that YOU can choose to think differently and provide YOU with the tools, time-tested principles, techniques, and processes needed for doing so.

Assist YOU in recognizing Pivotal Moments™ throughout your day when YOU can choose to be in control of your thoughts versus letting your thoughts control your life.

In short, 6 Advisors will put you firmly on the path to becoming the master of your thought processes – the secret to a successful life.

You can choose to let your thoughts be in control and spend a lifetime REACTING to the consequences or you can choose to be in control of your thoughts.

Success is a conscious choice!


Meet your 6 Advisors

You have "advisors" in your lives. Some are friends, co-workers, bosses, parents, mentors, coaches, and even paid consultants. Some of your advisors may be very competent, helpful, and supportive; others however, may not be. YOU can choose to listen to or ignore these advisors – they are just advisors.

You also have Advisors in Your mind, six very different and unique thought processes that influence your decisions, beliefs, attitudes, emotions, behaviors, results, and ultimately your enjoyment of life. We metaphorically call these six dimensions of thought our 6 Advisors. YOU can choose to listen to or ignore these Advisors, just like the other "advisors" in your life.

Your 6 Advisors are divided into two distinct yet related worlds, the External World and the Internal World. External World Advisors give us advice on how they think we should function in the world. The Internal World Advisors give us advice on how they think we should value ourselves in that process.

Imagine yourself sitting at a boardroom table, three External World Advisors on one side and three Internal World Advisors on the other side. From this safe vantage point, we will be exploring the advice you have been receiving from each Advisor. Together, we will discover which Advisors have been giving you good advice and which Advisors may need a little re-training.

Your 6 Advisors are ready and willing to advise you on what and how you "should" or "should not" think about each of the following:

External World View:

Empathy-Intuition Advisor: How you should value people - their uniqueness, appearance, beliefs and values, socioeconomic status, performance, and challenges. Training/coaching focus: Learn how to unlock a 40%+ reserve of cooperation and productivity in the people you meet by mastering the seven principles that govern the art of Intrinsic Validation – stepping into someone’s world.

Practical Judgment Advisor: How you should value tasks and getting things done – passion and attention to detail, improving things, order and structure, caution and prudence, overcoming obstacles, and maintenance of what you create. Training/coaching focus: Learn how to live in the NOW, fully engaged and totally committed – overcoming procrastination.

Systems Thinking Advisor: How you should value ideas, rules, order, and structure – discipline, practical application, new ideas, opposing ideas, protection, and enforcement. Training/coaching focus: Manage the need to be right, fix, justify, and defend. Find the discipline to stick to your plan or schedule.

Internal World View:

Self-Esteem Advisor: How you should value yourself – uniqueness and worth, ability, ideas and opinions, boundaries, strengths, and challenges. Training/coaching focus: Let go of the need to impress, pretend, feel ashamed, and fear and discover the real YOU.

Role-Awareness Advisor: How you feel about the way you are spending your time and investing your life – joy in the journey, recognition and remuneration, allocation of time, gaps between expectations and reality, personal obstacles, and value in what you are doing. Training/coaching focus: Identify expectations that differ from your current reality and create a plan of action for your life that will resolve the differences.

Self-Direction Advisor: What motivates you to get up in the morning and keeps you going throughout the day – obligation, perfectionism, or self-governance, and reaction to different beliefs and challenges, sense of direction, meaning and purpose. Training/coaching focus: Learn to be self-governing, establish realistic goals and expectations, and do what you do because you want to, get to, and choose to.

When you know how these Advisors think, YOU can be more aware when Pivotal Moments occur and consciously choose to make better decisions. At these moments, you can ask, "Is this thought adding value to my life and moving me closer to my objectives or will this thought sabotage my efforts?" If it is the latter, you can consciously choose to think differently.

It is very common for these Advisors to have thoughts that do not support your goals and dreams. If you want to live a more productive, successful, and happy life – you will want to know what your Advisors think and, when appropriate, choose to think differently.

Success is the result of consistently making good choices at Pivotal Moments. Success is a conscious choice!


Getting to the Core

The highest level of maturity is being real, genuine, and authentic without a need to impress, pretend, feel ashamed, or fear. Inherent in the definition to be like this is a person’s willingness to take full and complete responsibility for his or her thoughts and resultant actions. This person is free to stretch, make mistakes, and grow. When people abrogate this responsibility by placing blame for their thoughts and actions on someone or something else, they become powerless victims of circumstance.

Those who become the Captain of their thoughts take full and complete responsibility for what they think and the actions they take. They discover one of the greatest secrets of success, “The only thing in this world that we can control is our thoughts.” These people give up the senseless and futile attempt to control situations and people and focus their energy on controlling their thoughts. As a result, they are transparent to the need to impress, pretend, feel ashamed, and fear. They are confident and comfortable in their own skin, capable of weathering any storm with relative ease, and always ready to serve others. As Captain of their thoughts, they are the master of their destiny and they bless everyone around them.

The choice is simple: be a victim imprisoned by circumstance or be a Captain — free to sail the wide oceans of life.

You are not your thoughts - you are not your Advisors. Then who are you? You have thoughts – Advisors. These are "your" Advisors, but you are far more than your Advisors. You are the observer and chooser of your thoughts.

A cabinetmaker can build a cabinet. He has cabinets. These are his cabinets, but he is the craftsman who makes cabinets, he is not his cabinets. He can step back and observe his cabinets, even while they are being crafted, and make choices based on his observations. He is in control of how his cabinets are constructed. So you, too, can be the craftsman of your thoughts.

Be the observer of your thoughts. Be the Captain - take control of your thoughts instead of letting them control you. Be the craftsman and consciously and deliberately build your life. Make the decision to start today. Og says it best, "Today, I begin a new life. Today I shed my old skin which has too long suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocrity. Today, I am born anew and my birthplace is a vineyard where there is fruit for all."


The Science

Robert S. Hartman, Ph.D., developed the first major breakthrough in the accurate measurement of the thought processes that influence human behavior. Using the formal, deductive science of Axiology, the science of how we think, Dr. Hartman’s revolutionary accomplishment has changed our capacity to understand and quantifiably measure critical thought processes – thought processes heretofore believed to be intangible. These measurements and their proprietary application in the 6 Advisors Assessment Reports provide a clear and concise view of the thoughts that can support or sabotage our efforts.

The word 'axiology', derived from two Greek roots 'axios' (worth or value) and 'logos' (logic or theory), means the theory of value. Axiology is the science of how humans value and make value judgments. To value is to think, to assign meaning and determine the richness of properties. These concepts are usually considered highly subjective and, therefore, having meaning and understanding only to the individual who holds those values.

The development of the formal science of axiology makes possible the objective measurement of value - how humans think - as accurately as a thermometer measures the temperature.

The science of value originated with early Greek philosophers and culminated in the work of Dr. Hartman. In a discovery comparable to those of Galileo, Newton, and Einstein, Dr. Hartman discovered the principles that order and structure value judgments. From these principles, Dr. Hartman constructed a value mathematics that can be used to objectively measure our capacity to make good value decisions. Unlike all other assessment instruments, this structure allows us to understand 'how' a person thinks and perceives -- not what they think, but how they think. In other words, value science tells us what we pay attention to, what is important to us, and how our value or thought biases influence our decisions and actions. Natural science explains human behavior. Axiology explains and measures the thinking that forms the foundation for, and leads to, behavior. What is even more important, the knowledge axiology provides is objective, independent of any one observer, and accurate regardless of race, religion, gender, or socioeconomic condition.

One of Dr. Hartman's greatest gifts to the world is the Hartman Value Profile Instrument. It consists of 2 sets of 18 axiological statements or phrases (words) that the subject is asked to rank order. Each word or phrase has been scientifically validated to represent one level of the eighteen levels in the value mathematics hierarchy of value. The individual uniqueness of every human being is evidenced by the fact that there are 6.4 quadrillion possible permutations of these rankings! The Hartman Value Profile Instrument and value mathematics has been subjected to decades of research and numerous scientific validation studies.

Dr. Hartman identified six very different and unique dimensions of thought. We have affectionately and metaphorically referred to these six dimensions as your 6 Advisors. The results from the Hartman Value Profile Instrument are applied to the 6 Advisors Assessment Report, a proprietary instrument that clearly identifies strengths and challenges, the extent of each, the potential risks of each, and possible internal dialogue associated with each measurement.

The Hartman Value Profile Instrument and the 6 Advisors Assessment Report revolutionize the process of measuring and understanding a person's thought patterns, why he/she perceives a situation as he/she does, what access a person has to their natural talents, and ultimately explains the source of a person's behavior.



The Ten Scrolls

It has taken scientists 35 years to prove what 25 million Og Mandino fans have known from the moment they began reading The Greatest Salesman in the World. And now the book has been published in twenty-seven languages.

Through an exclusive licensing agreement with our sister company, The Greatest Salesman, Inc. (GSI), who owns the exclusive world-wide rights to this book and the Ten Scrolls for training, coaching, motivation, feature film, and television, we have carefully woven these principles in our training and coaching programs.

We use, as a key resource, both The Greatest Salesman in the World and The Greatest Secret in the World. These books have been read by over twenty-five million of people worldwide. The story of the “Greatest Salesman” is a metaphor for becoming the greatest YOU. The Greatest Secret in the World provides a journal for studying the Scrolls. The Ten Scrolls provide principles and practices for creating an extraordinary life.

Parts and pieces of these time-tested principles can be found in many different books, but here they are presented in a sequential, simple, and understandable way that encourages application. Written in the language of the intrinsic, the Scrolls provide a person with a wealth of insights that can be uniquely applied in a wide variety of situations.

The Scrolls are used in our training and coaching programs as a daily reminder providing insights and affirmations that, when repeated as prescribed, help to develop new habits of thinking. Your facilitator or coach will guide you though an application of the Ten Scrolls that is unique to you and designed to maximize your results in the 6 Advisors process.

Reading the Ten Scrolls every day during the training and coaching experience is a VERY IMPORTANT part of the process of mastering your internal dialogue and creating the life you want.

Scroll I Today I begin a new life.
Scroll II I will greet this day with love in my heart.
Scroll III I will persist until I succeed.
Scroll IV I am nature's greatest miracle.
Scroll V I will live this day as if it is my last.
Scroll VI Today I will be the master of my emotions.
Scroll VII I will laugh at the world.
Scroll VIII Today I will multiply my value a hundredfold.
Scroll IX I will act now.
Scroll X I will seek guidance.



Robert S. Hartman, Ph.D.

Dr. Hartman was born in Berlin, Germany in 1910. He grew up there through WWI and into the early years of WWII. As a schoolboy, he was required to repeat the loyalty oath everyday: "I was born to die for Germany." Even at a very early age Hartman knew that there was something fundamentally wrong with that idea, which ultimately set the stage for his life's work.

Early in his career he was a practicing judge in Germany during the rise of the Third Reich. As he became a witness to the atrocities against the people of Germany he began to speak out against them. He believed in the infinite value of a human life and that the state had a moral obligation to keep violent hands off that life. War, he thought, was madness. His rejection of all violent creeds, whether of Communism, Nazism, or Fascism, which he expressed in speeches and articles, brought him into conflict with the Nazi party and forced him to leave Germany to escape imprisonment.

Following his attendance at the German College of Political Science, he moved on to the University of Paris, the London School of Economics, and Berlin University, where he received the LL.B. in 1932. Ultimately, in 1941, he came to the United States. Over the years, he earned Ph.D.'s in Mathematics, Philosophy and Law. He held more than fifty lectureships in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe . He was a research professor of philosophy at the University of Tennessee from 1968 until his death in 1973.

With what he had witnessed in Germany, Dr. Hartman dedicated his life to answering the question, "What is good?" - and to answer the question in such a way that "good" could be organized to help preserve and enhance the value of human life. His work in Axiology (the science of human value systems and how humans think) resulted in the creation of the Hartman Value Profile Instrument that provides a scientific way to deductively measure the thought processes that influence attitude, behavior, personality, beliefs, and emotions; which ultimately become actions and results. The Hartman Value Profile Instrument has been subjected to many decades of research and more than 20 scientific validation studies.

As the author of more than ten books, over 100 articles, and translator of six books, he acquired a worldwide reputation. He was much loved by his many friends, students, and colleagues. Most would agree with the sentiment expressed by one of them: "I have never known a more comprehensive, brilliant, creative mind; or a more enthusiastic, eloquent teacher." With a deep understanding of Philosophy and a genius for Mathematics he earned praise and esteem in the international community and was nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1972.

Dr. Hartman discovered that there are six very different and unique dimensions of thought. We affectionately and metaphorically refer to these six dimensions as your 6 Advisors. The 6 Advisors Assessment Report is created by applying axiological mathematics to your responses to the Hartman Value Profile Instrument and expressing these results as balanced (the goal), over-focused, or under-focused; the extent of each, the potential risks of each, and the tone of the internal dialogue.


Og Mandino

We lost Og on September 3, 1996. He is badly missed. The following is his story as written by his own hand and published in his perennial best-seller, The Greatest Salesman in the World:

Hello. . . I am Og Mandino.

Some memories of my long-ago childhood are still very vivid, especially when I think of that special little red-headed Irish lady who was my loving mother. She had a special dream for her son. "Someday," she would tell me, again and again, "someday you will be a writer. . . not just a writer but a great writer! " 

Well. . . I bought her dream. Most kids resent having their parents plan their future but I liked the idea. A famous writer. Yes! Mother had me reading grown-up books from the library long before I entered the first grade and I was always writing short stories for her approval. 

In my senior year of high school I was editor of the school paper and our plans were that in the fall I would attend the University of Missouri because we believed that they had the best journalism school in the country. 

And, then. . . six weeks after I graduated from high school, my mother dropped dead in our kitchen while she was making lunch for me. 

I had a terrible time trying to deal with her passing. Instead of going on to college in the fall of 1940, I went to work in a paper factory and, in 1942, I joined the Army Air Corps. In 1943 I received my officer's commission and my silver wings as a bombardier. I was an "officer and a gentleman" two weeks before I could legally vote. I flew thirty bombing missions over Germany in a B-24 Liberator. Jimmy Stewart also flew in the same heavy bombardment group. . . the 445th. Nice man. 

I returned to the United States, after the war had ended, and discovered quickly that there wasn't much of an employment market for bombardiers with only a high school education. After many months of unemployment checks and painful searching, I finally secured a job selling life insurance and married the lady I had been dating before I went to war. 

The following ten years were a living hell. . . for me, for her, and even for the lovely daughter we had been blessed with. It seemed that no matter how many hours of the day and night I worked, struggling to sell insurance, we drifted deeper and deeper into debt and I began to do what so many frustrated individuals still do today, to hide from their problems. 

On the way home, after a long day of sales calls and canvassing for business, I would stop at a barroom for a drink. After all, I deserved it, didn't I, following such a tough day? Well, soon one drink became two, two became four, four became six and finally my wife and daughter, when they could no longer endure my behavior, left me. 

The following two years are no more than a hazy memory. I traveled the country in my old Ford, doing any kind of odd jobs in order to earn enough for another bottle of cheap wine and I spent countless drunken nights in gutters, a sorry wretch of a human being, in a living hell. 

Then, one cold wintry morning in Cleveland, one I shall never forget, I almost took my life. I had passed the window of a dingy pawn shop and paused when I saw, inside on a shelf, a small handgun. Attached to its barrel was a yellow tag. . . $29. I reached into my pocket and removed three ten dollar bills. . . all I had in the world and I thought. . . "There's the answer to all my problems.  I'll buy that gun, get a couple of bullets and take them back to that dingy room where I'm staying. Then I'll put the bullets in the gun, put the gun to my head. . . and pull the trigger. . . and I'll never have to face that miserable failure in the mirror again." 

I don't know what happened next. I joke about it now and say that I was such a spineless individual at that time that I couldn't even muster enough courage to do away with myself. In any event, I didn't buy that gun. As the snow was falling I turned away from the pawn shop and commenced walking until I eventually found myself inside a public library. It was so warm after the outside chills of November. 

I began wandering among the thousands of books until I found myself standing in front of the shelves containing scores of volumes on self-help, success, and motivation. I selected several of them, went to a nearby table and commenced reading, searching for some answers. Where had I gone wrong? Could I make it with just a high school education? Was there any hope for me? What about my drinking problem? Was it too late for me? Was I doomed now to a life of frustration, failure, and tears? 

That library visit was the first of many library visits I began making as I wandered across the country, searching for Og Mandino. I must have read hundreds of books dealing with success and gradually my drinking subsided. Then, in a library in Concord, New Hampshire, I discovered W. Clement Stone's great classic, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude. . . and my life has never been the same since then. 

I was so impressed with Stone's philosophy of success, that one must be prepared to pay a price in order to achieve any worthwhile goals, that I wanted to work for the man. His book jacket indicated that he was president of Combined Insurance Company of America and I searched until I found a subsidiary of that company in Boston and applied for a salesman's job. At about that same time, I met a lovely lady who had a lot more faith in me than I had in myself and when Mr. Stone's insurance company hired this thirty-two year old loser, I married the lady. Bette and I have now been together for forty years. 

Within a year I was promoted to sales manager in the wide-open, and cold, territory of Northern Maine. I hired several young potato farmers, taught them how to sell, applying Stone's philosophy of a positive mental attitude, and we were soon breaking company records. 

Then I took a week off from work and rented a typewriter. You see, the dream of writing had never really faded from my heart. I wrote a sales manual on how one sells insurance in the rural areas, typed it as neatly as I could and sent it to Combined Insurance's home office in Chicago. . . just praying that someone there would recognize the great talent they had buried in Northern Maine. 

Well, someone did!  The next thing I knew, Bette and I and our new young son, Dana, were moving to Chicago, with all our possessions tied to the roof of our car and I was assigned to the sales promotion department, writing company bulletins. At last … I was finally writing!

Mr. Stone also published a small book titled Success Unlimited which was circulated to all his employees and shareholders. I had been working at the home office for several months and had become a friend of Mr. Stone's when the editor of his magazine retired. I boldly applied for the position, although I knew nothing about magazine editing, and he not only gave me the job but also entrusted me with a mission.

I was to convert his publication from a house organ to a national magazine and I had a blank check from him to take all the steps that were necessary to accomplish our goal. In the following ten years our magazine staff grew from two to sixty-two and we attained a paid circulation of close to a quarter of a million! 

Several months after I became the magazine's editor I realized that I needed one more article to fill the next issue that was going to press in just a few days. . . and there was nothing suitable in our files. Well, I'm a golf nut and so I went home and worked all night, writing a piece about Ben Hogan and his terrible automobile accident when they told him he would never walk again. The great man not only walked again, he won the National Open again! 

I ran the article in Success Unlimited and then fate took over. A letter arrived on my desk from a New York publisher. . . the kind of letter all writers dream about receiving. He had enjoyed the Hogan article and believed I had much talent and if I ever decided to write a book his company would be interested in considering it for publication. 

Eighteen months later we published a tiny book entitled The Greatest Salesman in the World. Of course, since no one had ever heard of Og Mandino, the first printing was rather small, 5,000 as I remember. But here's where fate stepped in again. Rich DeVos, co-founder of Amway Corp., was addressing an Amway Convention and he told his people that there was a new book just published that he believed would help all, of them, The Greatest Salesman In the World, written by a man with a funny name, he said, Og Mandino. 

Rich DeVos's testimonial triggered an unbelievable number of book sales and many reprintings. When total sales reached 350,000 copies within a couple of years, Bantam Books purchased the paperback rights. . . for more money than I believed there was in the entire world. The book's sales have never abated. Even now, thirty years after initial publication, it still continues to sell more than 100,000 copies each month in paperback! 

For many years now, I have received approximately 80 to 120 letters each week from grateful readers thanking me for The Greatest Salesman in the World and relating examples of how the book saved or changed the writer's life. Most amazing to me is how many of these letters are lovingly sent by individuals we would categorize as celebrities in the world of business, entertainment, and sports. I respond to all of them, of course, but I respect their privacy too much to divulge their names, ever. 

What a lucky man I am! 

My beloved mother has been gone, now, for more than half a century. If there is a heaven, I wonder if she is looking down on her kid and feeling proud of what he has accomplished. I hope so . . . 


Developers of the 6 Advisors

The 6 Advisors Assessment Reports and Managing Your 6 Advisors Workshops and Coaching Practicum were co-developed by David Blanchard and Harvey Schoof. David is the president and CEO of The OG Group, Inc., parent company of 6 Advisors, Inc. Harvey is the Vice President of Product Development for 6 Advisors, Inc. and serves as the Director of the 6 Advisors Coaching Academy.

"Dr. Hartman created a powerful and scientifically validated vehicle for gathering the axiological mathematical calculations. Our task was to create a proprietary report designed to present the calculations in an easy-to-understand format along with additional interpretive information regarding the level of a given challenge and the potential risks associated with that challenge."

– Dave Blanchard

David T. Blanchard

Dave served four years as the President and CEO of The Greatest Salesman, Inc. He is now serving as the CEO of The Og Group, Inc., parent company of The Greatest Salesman, Inc. and Six Advisors, Inc. His favorite activity is debriefing 6 Advisors Assessment Reports one-on-one and personal coaching. In the last two years alone, Dave has debriefed well over one thousand 6 Advisor Assessment Reports (2,000+ hours) and coached over 225 clients.

Dave started his career as the founder, president, and lead consultant for The Blanchard Group, Inc., a medical management firm based in Southern California. The Blanchard Group was also the parent corporation for Blanchard Property Development, Jamona Construction, and Alvarado Realty, and specialized in acquisition/construction and management of large multi-family residential properties.

Dave took a break for ten years from consulting to pursue his life-long dream of becoming a writer and director. During this time he wrote, produced, and directed over 200 national television-advertising campaigns, dramatic television specials, and high-end corporate marketing videos. Dave has received gold and silver Telly Awards, the Crystal Communicator Award, and special recognition at the International Film Festival in New York. David’s clients include: Turner Broadcasting, PBS, Sears, Spring Air Mattress, Simmons Mattress Company, Nest Entertainment, NatureSleep, Metahertz (3-Com), C.R. Bard, Equis International, and IHC Hospitals, to name a few.

During this time he was also commissioned to write the feature film script for one of Og’s books. Shortly after completing the script, Bette, Og’s widow, asked David to take responsibility for the family’s most prized asset, The Greatest Salesman in the World.

Dave is a seasoned coach, speaker, and corporate leader who is unafraid to tackle tough issues (something he learned early while playing free-safety for Ricks College and its Intermountain College Athletic Conference Championship team). He brings to the training room boundless energy, profound insights, the sensitivity of a director’s touch, and a burning desire to help people succeed.

Harvey Schoof

Harvey Schoof is the V.P. of Product Development for 6 Advisors, Inc. and serves as the Director of the 6 Advisors Coaching Academy. Harvey holds a masters degree in counseling and coaching. He has over thirty years of experience working with businesses, government, and non-profit agencies. His expertise includes personal coaching, personal and organizational assessments, personal and team development, consulting, and training. Harvey is the School Board President for a Michigan Charter School and is a founding member of the board for the Michigan Association of Charter School Boards.

Blanchard reports, “I have had numerous and wonderful business partners over the years but never one quite like Harvey Schoof. He is blessed with a sense of humor, a kind heart, a listening ear, and openness to other people’s ideas. He has a brilliant mind, vast experience, and wisdom that we learned to treasure. Harvey is the epitome of synergy in action. I was told by a trusted friend that if I really wanted to understand the science of Axiology as it is applied to human thought and behavior, Harvey was the man. I will forever be grateful for that referral and the friendship and business partnership that continues to flourish.”

As a recognized expert in the science of Axiology and the Hartman Value Profile Instrument, Harvey has conducted over 6,000 individual private assessment reviews. He has also trained numerous consultants and coaches all over the U.S. and Europe regarding the science of Axiology and its application to human thought and behavior.