One of my best friends called and told me I had to take the 6 Advisors™ program. His entire thirty-plus member sales team had done it and they hit their numbers for the first time in five quarters! I did it, my family did it, and then I had my entire company do it. Our productivity has skyrocketed and I have the dollars in my bank account to prove it! If you are serious about being your best in both your personal life and in business, you have to do this, too! It’s just simply amazing!

– Scott Irwin, CEO, Apex Pipe, Houston, TX

After a rewarding lifelong journey of personal discovery and a rich professional experience as a coach, trainer, and psychotherapist, I can enthusiastically vouch for 6 Advisors. I wish I had come across it earlier!! Save yourself time and money, go to the core quickly and deeply, then be amazed, be excited and enjoy being you! The results of using this approach are potentially life liberating!

– Amanda Frost, Psychotherapist

6 Advisors was the "quickest route in" to a vast amount of insight that I've experienced in a long time.  They may call their introductory assessment a "taste test," but I think it's more aptly termed a feast!

– Bev Lutz, MCC, CPCC- The Lighthouse Group

I have participated with the 6 Advisors program both personally and in doing hiring for an organization. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this assessment was spot on when it came to making the best hiring decisions.  I have also been able to use what I learned about myself and enhance my interpersonal interactions both at work and at home. Thank you for this tool to use with my employees and co-workers.

– David Sherwood-Director of Campuses-Universal Accounting Center.

I endorse this system for anyone who wants to break through the barriers to achieve outstanding results. I have had amazing success which I can only ascribe to 6 Advisors. I am 300% more organized, 30 pounds lighter, and my business is 40% more successful.

– Jeanne Martinson, Trainer, Speaker, Author

I have spent the last 4 years and thousands of dollars on several coach training programs and honor each program for what I learned. However, this program makes them look like Kindergarten in comparison to Graduate School. I feel like I finally have the missing piece that was lacking in my previous coaching approach.

– Lynne Klippel, MOT, OTR/L

When originally approached about the 6 Advisors, I thought ‘What do I have to lose?’ That perception, although positive, quickly changed in scope after I went through my 6 Advisors report and discovered particular areas of personal focus that would help me become ‘my better self’ in business and in character. The 6 Advisors report is now part of my personal daily agenda to review and has helped me considerably to make essential changes in my life. I would personally and professionally recommend this program to anyone who is ready to understand themselves at a deeper level…even more importantly; I would recommend this program to those who are ready to make a substantial positive change in their life.

– Brad H. Clayton-Executive VP-Mobile HQ, Inc.

6 Advisors has been life changing-- like nothing I've ever experienced before. The new insight and clarity I've gained in both my personal and professional life is taking me to new and exciting levels. Thank you!

– Karyn Buxman, RN, MSN, CSP, CPAE

I don't know if you have ever worked with or considered working with a personal coach. I met my 6 Advisors coach for the first time almost one year ago at a networking luncheon. He explained that his company used principles developed by Og Mandino as the basis for its coaching/counseling services. He pointed out that I needed to understand myself better before I would see improvement in my business. My encounter with myself has been painful at times. My coach has never been afraid to hold me accountable for my own self- defeating thoughts and behavior. He is a man of great compassion and understands from his own experience how tough the journey of life can be. He has given me the tools I needed to change the way I think about myself. He has also taught me how to use them. I'm a much better man for having met him – Mark Holland-Cambridge Financial Center

– Mark Holland-Cambridge Financial Center

WOW! is the best way to describe my metamorphosis with 6 Advisors. For several years I have struggled to build a coaching business, unsuccessfully, I might add. I just began my 6 Advisors coach training in July 2005. I have learned how 6 Advisors creates life-changing results. I am coaching more people than ever before and I'm just getting started.

– Joyce Gerrish, personal coach

I am impressed with the 6 Advisors and the insight that it provides. I have been able to see success directly from the information that I was given. I look forward to working with my coach. I will continue to refer co-workers and friends to 6 Advisors.

– Todd Russell-Senior Sales Consultant-Directpointe

Never have I seen a system that is more unique and applicable to coaching than 6 Advisors. This system - with its emphasis on strengths and its 'higher wisdom' approach - swiftly and gracefully moves the coaching to its most meaningful levels. 6 Advisors provides a rich foundation for coaching that can be accessed and applied in unlimited ways.

– Colleen Bracken, PCC, 2004 President, Philadelphia Area Coaches Alliance

Many purported 'opportunities for success' knock on our doors daily. Most of these provide little or no effective support. Once you buy in, you’re on your own! The 6 Advisors Coaching Academy has an exceptional assessment instrument, a comprehensive coaching process, master coach training, and a total support system that are outstanding! My coaching business continues to grow as a result of the synergy developed through the Coaching Academy experience!

– Kenneth J. Kovach

I had the opportunity to take the 6 Advisors assessment a few weeks ago. There are a lot of personality assessments available, but this one is different: First the person taking the assessment cannot second guess the questions, thus getting a much more accurate read; Second the results were so surprising both in the scope and depth of the insights. With assistance from a 6 Advisors coach, we analyzed the results. I found it life changing, enlightening and easy to understand and apply. This is the perfect tool for someone who wants to kick it up a notch in their career and personal life. You find and remove the roadblocks you never knew were there and begin to think and act differently from a fresh new perspective. I highly endorse this process and without hesitation will recommend it to my clients and friends.

– Linda A. Strasburg- Talk Show Host-  Personal Career Coach

Both my wife and I have completed the assessment and learned, in an objective manner, several important and subtle messages about how we process and perceive ourselves and the world around us. Our conversations, as a result of just the first debriefing, have become more relaxed, more focused, and more open to new ways of seeing and of being.

– John

Look out World! This is the coaching program that will revolutionize and transform the way we approach individual coaching, corporate coaching, organizational and leadership development.

- Susan Taylor-Conner - therapist

And more!