6 Advisors Barometer Report

Why guess when you can know?

You have identified the challenges in your organization. But what is the source? You are willing to invest in training but only if it will solve the problem. What is the best use of your training dollars? May we make a suggestion?

Before you spend a dime on training, let us measure the thought processes of individuals who will participate in the training using the 6 Advisors Assessment Report. We will compile and analyze the data and present the results in our 6 Advisors Barometer Report™. This Report will identify the “High Pressure” points in your organization – the consistent unbalanced thought processes that are sabotaging your efforts - and balanced thought processes that may not be fully optimized. We will use this information to develop Workshops that will focus your training dollars like a laser beam on the specific and unique needs of your organization.

Managing Your 6 Advisors

Every employee has somewhere between 12,000 and 50,000 thoughts per day. That is a lot of noise! Some of these thought processes support your objectives. Many sabotage your efforts.

Most personal and staff development Workshops focus on skills training or behavior modification. To truly impact results long term, you will want to go below the surface and focus on the thought processes that drive personality, emotions, behavior, and performance.

“I endorse this system for anyone who wants to break through the barriers to achieve outstanding results. I have had amazing success which I can only ascribe to 6 Advisors. I am 300% more organized, 30 pounds lighter, and my business is 40% more successful.”

- Jeanne Martinson, Trainer, Speaker, Author

The Managing Your 6 Advisors Workshops merge scientific measurement as applied in our proprietary 6 Advisors Assessment Report with the time-tested principles taught in Og Mandino's perennial best seller, The Greatest Salesman in the World. The program has four steps:

Step #1: Assessment: Each participant will receive the 6 Advisors Assessment Report and debrief. Most debriefs range in length from between 1 ½ hours to 2 hours. This is a very private and powerful time as participants discover underutilized strengths and identify challenges that have been holding them back from fully realizing their potential.

Step #2: Classroom:
In this experiential and informative classroom experience, participants will spend valuable time with each Advisor and leave ready to apply techniques and principles needed to maximize their strengths and take on their challenges. One-day and two-day Workshops are available depending on the amount of time available for classroom participation.

Step #3: Follow-up:
Participants will attend group coaching follow-up sessions conducted by your certified facilitator. Sessions last for approximately one hour and can be held weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. Participants will follow a structured follow-up program designed to improve retention and continued improvement. Personal coaching with each participant is also available.

Step #4: Re-Assessment: We can measure changes in thought processes and chart a course for the participant to follow to maximize benefits moving forward.


Workshops for Individuals & Decision-Makers

We are often asked, “Is there a workshop being held in my area?” The vast majority of Workshops we conduct are for organizations and business entities and are closed to the public. However, every quarter, we offer a workshop for Individuals and Decision-Makers at our corporate headquarters in Bountiful, Utah. Here you can experience first-hand the power of a Managing Your 6 Advisors Workshop and meet our corporate team.

In preparation for the Workshop, you will participate in a 6 Advisors Assessment™ and debrief with a certified 6 Advisors facilitator/coach. At the Workshop, you will also receive a Participant Manual, Keys to Success CDs, The Ten Scrolls CD narrated by Og Mandino, and copies of The Greatest Salesman in the World and The Greatest Secret in the World.

Tuition is $799 and includes your 6 Advisors Assessment Report™, debrief, two days of classroom instruction, three group-coaching sessions, manuals, CDs, and books.

If you are interested in self-improvement, or if you are considering a 6 Advisors Workshop for your team or business, register today. Call toll free, (800) 701-2394, or complete your registration online. Seating is limited so reserve your seat in the next Workshop today.

Managing Your 6 Advisor Workshops - Locations Date Register Today
Corporate Training Facility
Bountiful, UT
Jul 26 & 27 Click Here
Corporate Training Facility
Bountiful, UT
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No Risk Guarantee

If you own a business or manage a team and are considering a 6 Advisors Workshop but want to experience the process prior to making a broader commitment, here is our no risk guarantee.

Register for the Workshop and pay the tuition. If you engage us for a 6 Advisors workshop for 10 or more people within 90 days of attending the Workshop and completing the three group-coaching sessions, your tuition will be credited to the final contract price. We are so confident that you will have a great experience at the Workshop that if for any reason you are not satisfied, we will refund your entire tuition fee, no questions asked, and you can keep the CDs and Og books as a thank you. Register today.


6 Advisors Training Academy

Are you already an independent or corporate trainer or want to become a trainer? Consider becoming a member of the 6 Advisors Training Academy. What will you receive with your membership?

Initial Training:
Step # 1: You will learn the basics about the science of Axiology and how this science is applied to the 6 Advisors Assessment Report – six sessions, two hours per session.
Step # 2: You will learn how to conduct a basic Assessment debrief. – five sessions, two hours each.
Step # 3: Independent Certified Facilitators will participate in additional business development classes – three sessions, two hours each.
Step # 4: While completing steps 1, 2, & 3, you will participate in a group-coaching program designed to help you become a product of the product – 14 sessions, one to two hours each.

In total, 14 weeks, two sessions per week. Initial training is conducted on the telephone with online support. No travel is required.

Facilitation Training:
Step # 1: You will attend a two-day Workshop for Decision-Makers followed immediately by a comprehensive two-day Train-the-Trainer Workshop.
Step # 2: Last, you will co-facilitate workshops with a certified facilitator until you and we are comfortable with your skill level.

Facilitation training is conducted at the corporate offices located in Bountiful, UT, just a few miles north of Salt Lake City. Come and enjoy the beautiful Rocky Mountains.


Benefits of Membership

During training:

During the Assessment training, personal coaching experience, and facilitation training, starting the first month and continuing each month thereafter until you have completed this portion of the training, you will receive FIVE Assessment codes for use in honing your Assessment debriefing skills and or for marketing purposes.

Following certification you will receive:

Independent Certified Facilitators:

  • Ten Assessment codes per month for the complete 6 Advisors Assessment Report.
  • Unlimited number of FREE 6 Advisors Online Introductory Assessments per month for marketing purposes.

Corporate Certified Facilitators:

  • Ten Assessment codes per month for the complete 6 Advisors Assessment Report.
  • One full set of Participant Materials per month

Tuition: $1,995 initial deposit plus a monthly membership fee of $295 commencing on the fifteenth of the month in which training commences.

What a great value! What a great time to join the 6 Advisors Training Academy and its team of independent and corporate certified facilitators.


Training Schedule

The fourteen-week initial training is conducted on the telephone with online support. No travel is necessary.

Fourteen-Week Initial Training Start Date Register Today
Telephone with Online support Jun 20 Click Here
Telephone with Online support Sep 19 Click Here

The four-day facilitation training is conducted on location at our corporate training facility in Bountiful, UT.

Four-day Facilitation Training Date Register Today
Corporate Training Facility, Bountiful, UT Oct 25 - 28 Click Here
Corporate Training Facility, Bountiful, UT Jan 24 - 27 Click Here


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