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Independent and corporate coaches, facilitators, plus individuals, companies, and organizations are getting the word out to the world…

Using the 6 Advisors Assessment Report you can finally identify the barriers that are interrupting your progress.

Working with a 6 Advisors certified coach or facilitator you can overcome these barriers.

This means happier and more productive employees; individuals living a more fulfilled and joyful life; people turning dreams into reality.

Have you been impacted by 6 Advisors and Og Mandino? Would you like to participate in communicating this powerful message? Join the 6 Advisors community by becoming a 6 Advisors Affiliate.

What is involved? It is quite simple.

Place a banner ad on your site so your customers and clients can take the FREE Introductory 6 Advisors Assessment – a taste test of the process.
Sit back and watch lives being changed!

"6 Advisors was the 'quickest route in' to a vast amount of insight that I've experienced in a long time.  They may call their introductory assessment a 'taste test,' but I think it's more aptly termed a feast!"

– Bev Lutz, MCC, CPCC- The Lighthouse Group


Revenue Sharing and Tracking

Many who take the Introductory Assessment are interested in other 6 Advisors products and services. As a thank you for providing this valuable service to your customers and clients, 6 Advisors offers a generous revenue sharing program. As a 6 Advisors Affiliate, you will receive your own administration tool that tracks all activity coming from your website. This tool reports activity, sales, and calculates commissions as they occur in real time.


Banner Ads

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